Jamhoor is an independent media platform for artists, writers, activists, academics and others to share their work on South Asia. We want to promote critical insights on the South Asian experience, especially as this is embedded in various structures of power (capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy, caste, racism etc.).

Shaped largely by the corporate media, public discourse continues to sketch South Asia and South Asians in monochrome.  This services everything from imperialist adventures by the US, white supremacist mobilizations across Europe and North America, and anti-minority pogroms in the subcontinent. But with the global ascendance of “neo-fascist” regimes, the discursive-material targeting of South Asians has assumed an acute pitch. We want to contest and reverse these representations by generating a dynamic portrait of South Asia, one that is coloured by the issues most pressing to its “Jamhoor”, an Urdu word for the people.

For this, we need you. We invite commentaries, essays, reviews, poetry, photography, short films, short stories and any other kinds of expression that relate to the South Asian experience. Our category of South Asia extends beyond the geographical borders of South Asia proper to include those in the diaspora.

Jamhoor Collective

Tayyaba J.

Nabeel S.

Muriam S.

Reeju R.

Chandrashri P.

Arsalan S.

Shozab R.


Guest Editors

Aaditya A.

Hadia A.

Sarah E.

Iman S.